Wholesale CBDC
CBDCs, Interviews
May 16, 2024

Wholesale CBDC cross-border trading test ‘deemed a success’

BIS experiment was a technical achievement but liquidity demands may be prohibitive
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Interviews, Q&A
April 2, 2024

‘What risk are we most concerned about? Complacency’ - Ben Gully at OSFI

Canada ushers in biggest overhaul of supervision in 25 years
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SC Ventures
Digital Transformation, Interviews
February 14, 2024

Coffee with the C-suite: global chief of SC Ventures

Standard Chartered’s Dubai-based fintech investment unit vows to maintain bank’s high standards
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Open Banking
Digital Transformation, Interviews
January 25, 2024

How open banking is morphing into open finance

Hopes that a new open banking blueprint will democratise UK financial services
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Crypto, Interviews
January 18, 2024

Coffee with the C-suite: a power duo from Zodia Custody

As crypto turns mainstream, this bank-backed custodian’s approach to compliance pays off
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Digital Transformation, Interviews
December 13, 2023

How the Bank of Israel is fighting digital cheque fraud

Israel-Hamas war spurs central bank to flush out banks’ poor compliance processes
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Governance, Interviews, Regulation & Supervision
September 20, 2023

NCA bolsters resources as SARs rocket and criticism mounts

The National Crime Agency's newly-launched portal is supposed to improve the processing of suspicious activity reports – but concerns are...
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Crypto, Interviews
July 18, 2023

SEC’S Hester Peirce floats UK-US crypto sandbox idea

The senior Republican commissioner has proposed a joint UK-US crypto sandbox to boost innovation, as she steps up her criticisms...
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Climate, Interviews
July 10, 2023

SEC’s Hester Peirce accuses agency of sowing ESG ‘seeds of chaos’

Republican commissioner Hester Peirce launches her most scathing attack yet on the agency’s crowded policy agenda, at a time of...
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Climate, Interviews
July 5, 2023

ISSB’s Sue Lloyd: ‘No reason for anti-ESG movement to oppose new disclosure standards’

The vice-chair of the influential standard-setter is pushing for more banks to adopt new sustainability disclosure standards, in the face...
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Interviews, Risk Management
June 29, 2023

Risk management: the integrated view

With markets continuing to be choppy, and activity happening at an increasingly frenetic pace, Troy Haines and Anselmo Marmonti of...
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