Opinion, Prudential
June 10, 2024

Monzo Bank’s profitability masks risks of “narrow” banking

Monzo must lend more rather than bet the house on the BoE
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Uninsured deposits
Capital, Risk Management
June 6, 2024

EU increases deposit guarantees while US uninsured deposits soar 

Concerns over uninsured deposits weigh on both banks and watchdogs
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Capital, Opinion
June 4, 2024

How new capital rules could affect the UK’s mid-tier banks and the economy

Basel 3.1 stands to have an adverse impact on UK SMEs
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Excess capital
Analysis, Capital, Stress Testing
June 3, 2024

US G-sibs shower trading books with excess capital ahead of Basel Endgame

Wall Street giants bet on proposals to hike capital requirements fizzling out
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Basel 3.1
Capital, News
May 30, 2024

UK’s Basel 3.1 delay puts banks in a squeeze

Industry fears tight 12-month implementation timeline does not give enough wriggle room
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car finance mis-selling
Analysis, Capital
April 3, 2024

Could car finance mis-selling cost UK banks more than they think?

Nick Dunbar looks under banks’ bonnets at operational risk capital reserves
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 Dear CEO
Analysis, Prudential
February 5, 2024

‘Dear CEO’: PRA’s 2024 to-do list for banks 

Set up change programmes and prepare for scrutiny, advises UK regulator
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Basel Endgame
Analysis, Capital
January 31, 2024

Will G-sibs quit fighting the Fed on Basel Endgame?

Awash with profits, US banks target rules which hit their trading business
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Analysis, Prudential
January 17, 2024

Revolut: when is a bank not a bank?

Revolut must improve governance and reduce costs to secure a banking licence
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window dressing
Analysis, Capital
January 11, 2024

Regulators call time on banks’ ‘window dressing’

Banks ‘play system’ by expanding balance sheets then shrinking them each quarter-end
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Analysis, Capital
December 19, 2023

Top five takeaways for banks on new UK Basel ‘Endgame’ rules

PwC provides ‘clarity for trading activity’ as UK finalises 3.1 rules
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