Operational Resilience

Analysis, Operational Resilience
May 14, 2024

Regulators tighten cyber security rules for banks

Senior managers will face personal liability for cybersecurity breaches
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Exclusive, Operational Resilience
April 24, 2024

Hackers use developing countries as testing ground for new ransomware attacks

Hackers experiment in developing world before targeting businesses in the West
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Operational Resilience, Opinion
April 10, 2024

Does your bank have a robust independent cyber security risk team?

A cross-functional cyber security approach is critical to mitigating risk, says FS-ISAC
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Analysis, Digital Transformation, Operational Resilience
April 9, 2024

The five threats to banks’ cybersecurity

FS-ISAC's annual report highlights five impending cybersecurity worries
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Operational risk
Analysis, Operational Resilience
March 20, 2024

US banks face higher operational risk standards

Operational risk regs are coming amid concerns over IT outages at banks
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non-financial risk
Operational Resilience, Opinion
February 21, 2024

Non-financial risk worries on the rise in US and APAC 

US respondents anticipate significant acceleration of cyber risk and operational risk 
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Operational Resilience, Opinion
February 14, 2024

Why we need to reform archaic payments transparency regulations

FATF regime no longer fit for purpose, warns FFIS
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Cyber attack
Analysis, Operational Resilience
February 12, 2024

Banks will only take cyber more seriously if they see an attack as a certainty 

Our interconnected world means a massive cyber event is getting ever closer 
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pig butchering
Operational Resilience, Opinion
January 2, 2024

‘Pig butchering’: why banks need to take action or risk liability

Human trafficking is propping up the ‘fraud farms’ behind the sinister scam
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Analysis, Operational Resilience
December 7, 2023

Israel’s “Iron Dome” protects country’s banks from cyberattack onslaught

Former government security advisor details Israel’s unique blueprint to fight off cyberhackers
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Operational Resilience, Opinion
November 15, 2023

How to evacuate your staff from conflict zones

I’ve helped firms pull out their staff from challenging environments. This is what you need to do
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