Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation, Opinion
May 20, 2024

What does the advent of Web3 mean for banking risk professionals?

Web3 represents a paradigm shift in banking. Are you ready?
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Michael J. Hsu
Digital Transformation, Industry event
May 9, 2024

‘Be careful what you wish for,’ warns OCC head Michael J. Hsu

Tokenised deposits could help manage intraday risk but could also speed up bank runs
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Digital Transformation, Opinion
April 16, 2024

Trading wars: settle at the right time (not always real-time)

Be patient in settlement arms race, urges R3 co-founder Todd McDonald
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open finance
Conference reporting, Digital Transformation
April 15, 2024

Treasury unveils taskforce to get open finance on the move

The taskforce will breathe life back into regulators’ stalled open banking discussions
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Digital Transformation, Research
April 9, 2024

Standard Chartered goes ‘bullish’ on BaaS

Nailing early-stage compliance when onboarding fintechs is key for the Asia-focused bank
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Analysis, Digital Transformation, Operational Resilience
April 9, 2024

The five threats to banks’ cybersecurity

FS-ISAC's annual report highlights five impending cybersecurity worries
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cross-border payments
Digital Transformation, News
April 4, 2024

BIS leads charge to tokenise cross-border payments

The bank for central banks wants to revamp cross-border banking
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Digital Transformation, Research
April 3, 2024

EU banks baulk at ‘unrealistic’ SEPA timeline

Banks’ systems still aren’t set up for instant payments, say experts
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open banking
Digital Transformation, News
April 2, 2024

UK regulators tackle open banking’s funding gap

Regulators hope new pay-to-play open banking model will revive stalled mission
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T+1 report
Digital Transformation, News
March 28, 2024

UK T+1 report settles on end-2027 implementation deadline

Complaints from businesses with EU interests pushes back T+1 kickoff
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Analysis, Crypto, Digital Transformation
February 28, 2024

Banks pivot at a cost to new quantum-proofing

Quantum technology finds itself at a crossroads
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