Financial Stability

Conference reporting, Regulation & Supervision
June 13, 2024

Regulators are ignoring banks’ risky, fast-growing ventures, warn former bank execs 

SVB’s ex-head of management governance and former Credit Suisse CRO speak out
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Illicit finance
Deep dive, Regulation & Supervision
June 11, 2024

Labour’s big plans to stir up the City on illicit finance

Closing loopholes, more legislation and an international summit among party’s ambitious proposals 
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Chinese banks
Analysis, Financial Stability
May 29, 2024

Chinese banks in ‘tug of war’ with regulators over property sector stabilisation efforts

Regulators prop up property sector while ensuring banks can withstand the risks
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Proliferation finance
Analysis, Regulation & Supervision
May 28, 2024

Proliferation finance moves up the agenda in a divided world

Proliferation of weapons of mass destruction comes under increasing supervisory scrutiny
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Opinion, Regulation & Supervision
May 23, 2024

UK efforts to tackle fincrime strangled by cacophony of voices 

AML burden rises but 40% of world’s dirty money goes through UK
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Financial Conduct Authority
Opinion, Regulation & Supervision
May 23, 2024

UK's Financial Conduct Authority assailed from all sides

As election is announced what is behind the government attacks on FCA?
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name and shame
News, Regulation & Supervision
May 9, 2024

FCA in a tight spot over ‘name and shame’ proposals

The regulator’s bid to be more transparent amid growing scrutiny has backfired
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Industry event, Regulation & Supervision
May 8, 2024

‘The FCA still does not get it,’ declares UK City minister 

Bim Afolami tackles regulator on crypto rules and ‘name-and-shame' proposals
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Opinion, Regulation & Supervision
May 1, 2024

How the UAE can step up its fight against fincrime

Transparency on company ownership and stronger data analysis are obvious next steps
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beneficial ownership
Analysis, Regulation & Supervision
April 30, 2024

EU to give ‘unfiltered’ access to beneficial ownership information

European Parliament enshrines law to boost AML/CFT regime
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Opinion, Regulation & Supervision
April 24, 2024

Empowering CROs to succeed under the three lines of defence

The 3LOD model isn’t broken, but it remains a delicate balancing act
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