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September 21, 2023

Is data sharing key to fighting fraud?

Banks around the world are uniting to pool information on suspicious customers...
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September 19, 2023

Editor's letter: Will Korea’s bank revamp whip up risky lending?

Our correspondent in south-east Asia, Natasha Teja, brings you details of the biggest...
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Digital euro
Crypto, Digital & Resilience, Editor's letter
September 15, 2023

Editor's letter: Your weekly news round-up

Pig butchering and smurfing, what do these bring to mind?  If you...
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Culture & Conduct, Digital & Resilience, Regulation & Supervision
September 14, 2023

Neobanks’ poor compliance fuels rise in digital fraud

Lax compliance processes at neobanks risk contributing to a rise in digital...
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Governance, Operational Resilience, Regulation & Supervision
September 14, 2023

Eight epic fails which brought down First Republic

A US regulator's analysis of why First Republic Bank failed pins the...
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Crypto, Digital & Resilience, Regulation & Supervision
September 13, 2023

Crypto plans could ‘put smaller US brokers out of business’

A US Treasury proposal seeking to bring regulatory clarity to the cryptocurrency...
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Climate, Crypto, Editor's letter

Editor's letter: Banks sleepwalking into climate crisis

It’s been a trying week for the fossil fuel industry. BP chief Bernard Looney has resigned after failing to disclose his past personal relationships with colleagues. The shock departure comes... Read more
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The three AI cyber attacks CROs need to know about

Artificial intelligence has revolutionised the operational dynamics of banking, which makes it puzzling that many chief risk officers aren’t up to speed with the latest vulnerabilities posed by AI.  Cyber... Read more
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Crypto, Digital & Resilience, Regulation & Supervision

US crypto crowd backs ambitious new bill

A highly-anticipated new bill to regulate digital assets would bring the US up to speed on crypto with other leading economies, according to a panel of top experts. They were... Read more
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Digital & Resilience, News, Regulation & Supervision

'Big tech let off the hook' over social media fraud

UK banks want to share fraudulent transaction data with big tech firms – in the ongoing battle to make big tech shoulder the costs of compensating victims of social media... Read more
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Singapore stablecoin rules to serve as ‘blueprint’ for APAC

Singapore is introducing licensing and reserve asset requirements for stablecoin issuers, under a new digital asset framework that fires the starting gun on a push for regulatory clarity across the... Read more
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