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programmable payments
Analysis, Digital Transformation
November 29, 2023

JPMorgan’s new programmable payments throw up operational risks

Bank says additional processes needed to address risks brought on by blockchain
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Conference reporting, Digital Transformation
November 21, 2023

Singapore pilots world’s first GenAI risk management framework

The seven pillars banks should prioritise when experimenting with generative artificial intelligence, according to the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s new...
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Conference reporting, Digital Transformation
November 20, 2023

Crowding out of commercial banks ‘won’t be a concern’ in upcoming age of CBDCs

Major banks share plans to leverage CBDCs at Singapore Fintech Festival 
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Analysis, Operational Resilience
November 8, 2023

Banks form ‘contingency units’ ahead of possible China-Taiwan conflict

Financial, cyber and supply chain risks lie in wait for international banks in the event of a Chinese invasion
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Analysis, Climate
November 7, 2023

Banks in Asia-Pacific struggle to fill ESG roles

Banks scramble to hire the right people amid rising sustainability regulations
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Culture & Conduct, News
October 23, 2023

Hong Kong’s finance hub status threatened by brain drain

Nearly three-quarters of businesses are short on talent after staff exodus
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Analysis, Capital
October 11, 2023

China’s regional banks’ close ties with property sector seen as a 'time bomb'

Links between China’s shadow banking and real estate sectors are stoking fears
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Culture & Conduct, Digital & Resilience, Regulation & Supervision
September 26, 2023

Singapore’s 'dirty money' detectives battle cross-border impasse

Singapore’s attempts to recoup $1.8bn from a money laundering scandal face an uphill battle against Asia Pacific’s fragmented legal system....
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Markets, News, Uncategorized
September 18, 2023

South Korean banking overhaul met with scepticism

Ambitious plans to tackle South Korean banks’ vulnerability to credit risk are unlikely to work, and may even trigger a...
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Financial Stability, News, Operational Resilience, Shadow Banking
August 31, 2023

PBoC probes China's shadow banking sector as economy wobbles

The People’s Bank of China is investigating the links between the shadow banking and real estate sectors to minimise spillover...
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Digital & Resilience, Governance & Reporting, News, Regulation & Supervision
August 15, 2023

New SEC cyber security rules likened to banks ‘airing dirty laundry in public’

US banks have bitterly complained over new cyber security rules from the Securities and Exchange Commission - claiming that a...
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