Michael Imeson

Crypto, Digital & Resilience, Interviews, Risk Management
June 22, 2023

B2C2: cleaning up crypto amid crackdown

When UBS’s former deputy CRO, Marc van Eijck, took on the role of chief risk officer at B2C2 in May...
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Michael Cole-Fontayn
Interviews, Risk Management
June 20, 2023

Trust is the basis of sound risk management

Michael Cole-Fontayn, one of the City of London’s leading financiers, discusses the risks confronting banks, the foundations of good risk...
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Image: Getty Images
Prudential, Recovery & Resolution
May 17, 2023

EU plan to improve crisis management and deposit insurance has several shortcomings

Banks and industry commentators have largely welcomed the European Commission’s proposal to strengthen its bank Crisis Management and Deposit Insurance...
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