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Wholesale CBDC
CBDCs, Interviews
May 16, 2024

Wholesale CBDC cross-border trading test ‘deemed a success’

BIS experiment was a technical achievement but liquidity demands may be prohibitive
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Analysis, Governance
May 8, 2024

Power struggle at banks intensifies between 1LOD and 2LOD

The three lines of defence model faces scrutiny. What alternatives exist?
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GenAI risk
AI, Analysis
April 29, 2024

GenAI risk falls under OpRisk, ORX survey finds  

Unified approach yet to emerge on who ultimately ‘owns’ GenAI risk
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Q&A, Regulation & Supervision
April 8, 2024

EBA’s José Manuel Campa: “Europe’s banks don’t need more capital rules”

The EBA chair tackles capital ratios, AI, diversity and more
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Digital Transformation, Research
April 3, 2024

EU banks baulk at ‘unrealistic’ SEPA timeline

Banks’ systems still aren’t set up for instant payments, say experts
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Interviews, Q&A
April 2, 2024

‘What risk are we most concerned about? Complacency’ - Ben Gully at OSFI

Canada ushers in biggest overhaul of supervision in 25 years
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Financial resilience
Analysis, Financial Stability
March 27, 2024

Financial resilience leapfrogs sustainability as leading concern 

Financial institutions face a growing regulatory burden, according to KPMG Regulatory Barometer
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banking surveillance
Regulation & Supervision, Research
March 21, 2024

Third of banks ‘urgently increasing spending on surveillance’

Banking surveillance industry is at a crossroads, 1LoD report says
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Q&A, Risk Management
March 19, 2024

‘We are the ones who are just constantly paranoid’ – OCC’s Michael J. Hsu

Acting Comptroller of the Currency on crypto scepticism, elections and M&A
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NFR reporting
Analysis, Risk Management
February 13, 2024

NFR reporting moves up UK regulators’ agenda

The non-financial risks banks need to report on, according to experts
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Analysis, Risk Management
February 8, 2024

‘Good CROs are still few and far between,’ recruitment consultants caution

Some 70% of global CROs are promoted internally, according to headhunters
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