Farah Khalique

crypto innovation
Conference reporting, Crypto
December 6, 2023

UK should capitalise on US regulatory ‘crypto limbo’

VC fund Andreessen Horowitz explains why it’s backing the UK over US
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Research, Risk Management
November 2, 2023

US CROs fear rising credit losses in next year

McKinsey’s top recommendations for banks to fine-tune management of counterparty credit risk 
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Analysis, Digital Transformation
October 31, 2023

How banks use GenAI to speed up risk and compliance work

Time-consuming tasks like fixing bugs, trawling chats and netting can be sped up
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City of London
Culture & Conduct, Editor's letter
October 20, 2023

Editor's letter: Your weekly digest

Risk hiring, tackling bullying complaints and more. Our round-up of the week’s news
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CBDCs, Editor's letter
October 18, 2023

Editor's letter: IMF thrashes out CBDC hiatus

Digital money issued by central banks is at a crossroads
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Culture & Conduct, Editor's letter
October 17, 2023

Editor's letter: Are you a tough boss or really a bully?

When is bad management non-financial misconduct? Read more in our Tuesday newsletter
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Editor's letter, News
October 13, 2023

Editor's letter: Your weekly digest

Fincrime, Italian windfall taxes and more. Our round-up of the week's news
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Crypto, Editor's letter
October 10, 2023

Editor's letter: The risk of uncertainty plagues the C-suite

Risk is the word for the C-suite.
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Editor's letter, Regulation & Supervision
October 6, 2023

Editor's letter: Regulation, regulation, regulation...

This week has been heavy on the regulation front, from personal misconduct to climate disclosures and crypto. Yet arguably one...
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Editor's letter, Risk Management
October 4, 2023

Editor's letter: China blocks bankers from leaving

Gone are the days when international bankers could feel insulated from wrongful detentions in China. 
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Climate, Editor's letter
October 3, 2023

Editor's letter: Powers that be growing tired of ESG?

Are the powers that be growing tired of ESG? The climate crisis is here to stay, yet there seems to...
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