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US real estate
Analysis, Climate
March 13, 2024

Climate researchers uncover 'previously unidentified financial stability concern' in US real estate

Climate risk not properly priced into US property market
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nature risk disclosures
Climate, News
January 16, 2024

More than 40 banks commit to TNFD’s nature risk disclosures

Milestone reached as seven G-sibs among banks signing up to voluntary regime
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transition risk
Climate, News
December 14, 2023

World’s first nature scenario analyses downplay transition risk

Tough measures to stop nature erosion won’t substantially impact banks' bottom line
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Analysis, Climate
November 8, 2023

Europe’s deforestation rules creep up on banks

Banks are writing new policies to avert potential reputational and financial repercussions
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Climate, Financial Stability, Regulation & Supervision
September 19, 2023

Banks facing ‘wave’ of human rights litigation risk

Banks face a “wave of human-rights litigation” when a new European directive is adopted next year, top law firms have...
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Climate, News, Regulation & Supervision
September 12, 2023

ECB: Europe's banks 'failing to consider climate risk'

Most European banks are “insufficiently considering” climate-related risk in their credit assessments, according to a member of the European Central...
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Climate, Risk Management, Stress Testing, Uncategorized
August 8, 2023

Nature risk poses multiple technical challenges for banks 

Biodiversity loss is fast becoming the latest risk frontier for banks, but technical challenges make it difficult to assess and...
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Climate, Exclusive, News, Stress Testing
July 31, 2023

Nature risk moves up the regulatory agenda

A consortium of central banks is working behind the scenes on building out scenarios for stress testing in an effort...
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