Ellesheva Kissin

Conference reporting, Regulation & Supervision
June 13, 2024

Regulators are ignoring banks’ risky, fast-growing ventures, warn former bank execs 

SVB’s ex-head of management governance and former Credit Suisse CRO speak out
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Uninsured deposits
Capital, Risk Management
June 6, 2024

EU increases deposit guarantees while US uninsured deposits soar 

Concerns over uninsured deposits weigh on both banks and watchdogs
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Analysis, Markets
June 5, 2024

Smooth transition to T+1 despite teething problems

However, 'people-heavy' approach to managing T+1 deemed not sustainable
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Russian sanctions
News, Risk Management
June 5, 2024

Russian sanctions drive up UK banks’ workload 400%

Parliamentary hearing reveals challenges banks face complying with UK’s Russian sanctions regime
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Fat finger
Analysis, Markets
June 4, 2024

A deep dive into Citi’s £62mn ‘fat finger’ fine

A minute-by-minute breakdown of one trader’s $1.4bn snafu and regulators’ response
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FDIC harassment
Culture & Conduct, News
May 21, 2024

FDIC chair resigns after report slams 'misogynistic' culture at US regulator

Martin Gruenberg to step down from agency 'in light of recent events'.
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trading venues
Analysis, Markets
May 16, 2024

Regulators clamp down on surge in trading venues

Banks that fail to monitor trading on external venues risk million-dollar fines
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stablecoin regulation
Crypto, Industry event
May 15, 2024

Patrick McHenry urges Fed and OCC to jointly oversee stablecoin regulation

The US Congressman’s bill means stablecoin issuers would face bank-like regulation
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crypto hub
Crypto, Industry event
May 13, 2024

Hong Kong and Abu Dhabi jockey for top spot in crypto ‘snakes and ladders’

Competing states vie to snatch Singapore’s crypto hub crown
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Industry event, Regulation & Supervision
May 8, 2024

‘The FCA still does not get it,’ declares UK City minister 

Bim Afolami tackles regulator on crypto rules and ‘name-and-shame' proposals
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chief AI officer
AI, Analysis
May 7, 2024

CFTC appoints chief AI officer amid growing global scrutiny

The US is leading the way on supervising how regulators use AI
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