Blake Evans-Pritchard

Interest rate and liquidity risk management
Analysis, Governance
May 22, 2024

Poor governance seen as root behind interest rate and liquidity risk 

Balance sheet managers are ‘out of sight, out of mind’ for the board
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Liquidity management
Analysis, Markets
April 23, 2024

Liquidity saving solutions come to the fore

New Financial Stability Council consultation highlights need for 'liquidity preparedness'
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Liquidity risk
Analysis, Markets
March 14, 2024

Liquidity risk looms large for US banks

How the Fed could incentivise banks to borrow before they hit turbulence
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bank mergers
Analysis, Regulation & Supervision
February 13, 2024

OCC proposal on bank mergers divides experts

Fewer mega-mergers on the cards, but will it cut systemic risk?
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CRE contagion
Analysis, Markets
February 8, 2024

CRE contagion risk simmers at smaller US banks

Losses at New York Community Bank underscore structural problems in CRE loans
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Analysis, Regulation & Supervision
December 12, 2023

Surge in domestic loans pushes Chinese banks up G-Sib list

Government pressure to lend and a stronger yuan are major factors
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liquidity risk
Analysis, Shadow Banking
November 30, 2023

BoE builds ‘backstop facility’ for nonbanks over liquidity risk concerns

Pension funds and insurers could access such lending under ‘exceptional circumstances’
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Analysis, Capital
October 19, 2023

US banks in a dilemma over Basel ‘endgame’

Banks have already pulled back on lending - what other options are available to them?
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Analysis, Markets, Regulation & Supervision, Risk Management
July 13, 2023

Banks and regulators grapple with ‘AOCI’

Bank of America is the latest firm to fall foul of “AOCI”, a murky metric behind this year’s largest US...
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Analysis, Digital & Resilience
July 4, 2023

FSB toolkit to tackle outsourcing risks

Sloppy third party service providers are costing banks millions in messy slip-ups and regulatory fines. Can the Financial Stability Board’s...
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Analysis, Culture & Conduct, Governance, Risk Management
July 3, 2023

Three Lines of Defence: time for a revamp?

The holy grail of risk management needs to be beefed up, says the Financial Markets Standards Board (FMSB). The UK’s...
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