The senior vice-president product at Eigen Technologies, a platform that provides automated data extraction and processing solutions, suggests an upfront focus on fundamental weaknesses in existing data will lead to better outcomes when seeking to improve organisational efficiency and effectiveness via new data solutions.
May 2, 2023

To unlock automation in financial services first focus on data extraction

The 14 years I spent working in the financial services and insurance sectors showcased the unbelievable amount of mis-spend organisations...
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Financial Stability
March 29, 2023

US bank collapses test regulators’ limits

The repercussions of three US banks collapsing in the space of a week is pushing the limits of banking regulators’...
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Financial Stability
February 28, 2023

WhatsApp fines: is the regulatory net widening?

Morgan Stanley grabbed the headlines in February when it was widely reported that it had hit its own bankers with...
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In its third evaluation report on the global crisis financial reforms, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision said bank resilience has increased with even greater strides seen from firms most impacted by the reforms helping to reduce systemic risk. 
Capital, Prudential
January 4, 2023

Basel Committee finds Basel III has boosted resilience of previously weak banks

The report, published on December 14, is also the Committee’s first holistic evaluation of the impact and efficacy of the...
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November 16, 2022

Global regulators need to lead the net-zero implementation charge with transition plans

As COP27 came and went, one message rang abundantly clear: Global investment in decarbonisation is falling far short of what...
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