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trader profiling
Analysis, Culture & Conduct
April 16, 2024

Banks signal controversial shift towards trader profiling

Insiders say banks will use new profiling techniques to monitor individuals
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Analysis, Digital Transformation
December 20, 2023

Why are some blockchain ventures hitting the bumpers?

Banks shun regulators’ DLT sandboxes to run their own small experiments
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Editor's letter, Governance & Reporting, Risk Management
July 25, 2023

Editor's letter: How banks are weeding out bad apples

Welcome to Banking Risk & Regulation. It’s only Tuesday and risk management is already trending. Credit Suisse has been fined $388m...
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Analysis, Operational Resilience, Regulation & Supervision
July 11, 2023

Chinese spy law gives banks jitters

International banks in China face heightened political and operational risk following the introduction of a tougher anti-spying law. Foreign businesses...
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Michael Cole-Fontayn
Interviews, Risk Management
June 20, 2023

Trust is the basis of sound risk management

Michael Cole-Fontayn, one of the City of London’s leading financiers, discusses the risks confronting banks, the foundations of good risk...
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