organisation: US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)

Crypto, Exclusive
March 25, 2024

FTX customers on track to pocket as much as ‘140%’ of value of original claims

Bitcoin surge offers potential windfall to customers of bust crypto exchange
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flying and printing
Analysis, Regulation & Supervision
February 15, 2024

‘Flying’ and ‘printing’ are back on the FCA’s watch list

Banned practices are escalating because of post-Brexit market fragmentation, says Deloitte
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Analysis, Crypto
November 1, 2023

Can crime-ridden DeFi be rehabilitated?

More than 80% of cryptoassets stolen in 2022 were in DeFi products
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Louise Abbott, Keystone Law
March 29, 2023

US crypto crackdown leaves many unanswered questions

US regulators, particularly the SEC, are ramping up enforcement actions against cryptocurrency firms since the demise of FTX. From industry...
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Digital & Resilience, Digital Transformation
February 28, 2023

WhatsApp fines: is the regulatory net widening?

US broker-dealers were under the spotlight last year for electronic communications record-keeping failures, but they are not the only firms...
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Governance, Governance & Reporting
September 15, 2022

Preparing for the CFTC Rewrite with Digital Regulatory Reporting

One of the challenges facing financial institutions when it comes to compliance is the lack of standardisation across regions. This...
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