organisation: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Climate, Financial Stability, Operational Resilience, Shadow Banking
August 22, 2023

US G-sibs’ lending to shadow banks hits record high

Banks deemed “too big to fail” are behind more than 60% of loans to shadow banks, the US’s leading bank...
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Analysis, Regulation & Supervision, Shadow Banking
August 2, 2023

US bank execs decry ‘excessive’ calls for more capital

Bank chiefs have hit out at a new capital rule proposal which will make loans more expensive for borrowers and...
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Close up of Gold coins and $100 bills
Prudential, Recovery & Resolution
May 3, 2023

FDIC recommends 'targeted coverage' model for deposit insurance reform

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) has outlined three potential models for deposit insurance reform in the wake of recent...
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First Republic bank branch
Financial Stability, Regulation & Supervision
May 3, 2023

US bank collapses portend supervisory and regulatory changes

US banks, large and small, are likely to soon face heightened supervision and, later, tighter regulations given the momentum building...
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