organisation: Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS)

Analysis, Capital
November 21, 2023

Video: Basel Endgame

  Editor Farah Khalique in conversation with European Risk Management Council chairman Evgueni Ivantsov on why proposed capital hikes won't...
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Markets, News, Shadow Banking, Uncategorized
August 30, 2023

Banks shielded from private equity squeeze – for now

Private equity-backed companies are struggling to pay back loans, leaving regulators concerned that banks will be exposed should private credit...
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Businessman looks at a graph of the real estate market where the arrowhead is falling. recession Home prices fall in real estate and property market crash. isometric illustration vector.
Analysis, Capital, Regulation & Supervision
July 27, 2023

Canadian and Australian regulators square up to housing markets risks

Epic housing bubbles are threatening financial stability in high-income countries as the end of the cheap money era bites. Residential...
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Capital, Prudential
May 2, 2023

BCBS to review Basel III in the wake of recent bank failures

Recent bank failures in the US and the demise of Credit Suisse have prompted the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision...
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Pablo Hernandez De Cos
Financial Stability, Shadow Banking
March 31, 2023

Hernández de Cos warns on shadow banking risks

Chair of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision Pablo Hernández de Cos has spoken of the importance of supervisors and...
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Caroline Liesegang
Capital, Prudential
March 3, 2023

EU looks set for significant Basel III deviations

Finance and regulation experts are startled at how much the EU is deviating from Basel guidelines in its latest banking...
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Japanese banks
Capital, Prudential
February 2, 2023

Basel III implementation delays create challenges and opportunities for APAC banks

For smaller Asia-Pacific economies Basel III implementation is proving less complex than for international peers, while its bigger players must...
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