organisation: Bank for International Settlements (BIS)

Analysis, Shadow Banking
March 28, 2024

Archegos three years on: do banks have a better grip on counterparty credit risk?

Regulators around the world propose new rules to avert another Archegos-type meltdown
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Digital Transformation, News
January 24, 2024

BIS to onboard more central banks in quantum-proof quest

The second phase of ‘Project Leap’ is now underway
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Analysis, Digital Transformation
December 14, 2023

Risk round-up: banks urged to maintain focus on quantum computing security threats

Banks must edge closer towards a ‘quantum-resistant era’ in 2024
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Analysis, Crypto
November 1, 2023

Can crime-ridden DeFi be rehabilitated?

More than 80% of cryptoassets stolen in 2022 were in DeFi products
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Analysis, Regulation & Supervision
October 11, 2023

BIS’s lessons for supervisors and regulators on this year’s ‘banking turmoil’

Key takeaways on 11 tumultuous days which roiled the banking sector
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Analysis, Operational Resilience
June 29, 2023

Quantum computing: the risks to prepare for

A new blueprint gives banks a headstart on how to tackle security in the quantum computing era, as experts warn...
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CBDCs, Digital & Resilience, Opinion
June 27, 2023

BIS: the pros and cons of offline CBDCs

Central bankers are warming to people using central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) to make payments offline – whether due to...
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CBDCs, Digital & Resilience, News
June 20, 2023

BIS’s ‘game-changing’ blueprint to revolutionise monetary system

A central bank-backed platform for payments and settlement could dramatically cut costs and risks that plague the financial system, says...
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ESG laggard v leader
March 30, 2023

Inconsistent ESG ratings due a regulatory shake-up

The use and influence of ESG ratings has grown considerably in recent years, but regulators are concerned about how reliable...
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