pig butchering
Operational Resilience, Opinion
January 2, 2024

‘Pig butchering’: why banks need to take action or risk liability

Human trafficking is propping up the ‘fraud farms’ behind the sinister scam
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Digital Transformation, Interviews
December 13, 2023

How the Bank of Israel is fighting digital cheque fraud

Israel-Hamas war spurs central bank to flush out banks’ poor compliance processes
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AI, Opinion
December 7, 2023

Will turbo-charged AI fraud render traditional KYC practices obsolete?

Banks must integrate more diverse data points to combat AI-fuelled crime
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Opinion, Regulation & Supervision
October 12, 2023

UK’s new fincrime law is a start, now banks need to step up

Building a fincrime-averse culture is key to tackling rising crime. Outsourcing is not the answer.
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Digital euro
Crypto, Digital & Resilience, Editor's letter
September 15, 2023

Editor's letter: Your weekly news round-up

Pig butchering and smurfing, what do these bring to mind?  If you see an abattoir and a grinning blue humanoid,...
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Digital & Resilience, News, Regulation & Supervision
September 7, 2023

'Big tech let off the hook' over social media fraud

UK banks want to share fraudulent transaction data with big tech firms – in the ongoing battle to make big...
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