Uninsured deposits
Capital, Risk Management
June 6, 2024

EU increases deposit guarantees while US uninsured deposits soar 

Concerns over uninsured deposits weigh on both banks and watchdogs
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Q&A, Regulation & Supervision
April 8, 2024

EBA’s José Manuel Campa: “Europe’s banks don’t need more capital rules”

The EBA chair tackles capital ratios, AI, diversity and more
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Analysis, Regulation & Supervision
February 29, 2024

UK pitches for looser framework than EU on AI regs

EU aims for gold regulatory standard, while UK takes pragmatic approach
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Conference reporting, Markets
January 25, 2024

EU signals intent to align with UK on T+1 schedule

UK and EU may be inching towards a shared settlement T+1 time
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Emir refit
Analysis, Markets
January 24, 2024

Banks vastly underestimate scope of new ‘Emir refit’

European Market Infrastructure Regulation refit to upend derivatives trading reporting in 2024
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European banks
Financial Stability, Opinion
January 15, 2024

Here’s the narrow path European banks must follow in 2024

Follow this strategy to overcome challenges across multiple risk sectors, advises Deloitte
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Blockchain sandbox
Analysis, Crypto
January 15, 2024

EU bets the bank on digital finance with blockchain sandbox

European central banks and Dutch institutions first movers on blockchain sandbox
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Conference reporting, Crypto
December 6, 2023

Crypto firms must shake off ‘illegal finance’ label, warns New York’s top regulator 

Digital-asset firms should use own tech for compliance as well as crypto
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Analysis, Digital Transformation
December 5, 2023

Fresh digital accessibility regulations create more work for compliance staff

Inclusive accessibility standards aim to help more people navigate digital banking
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Analysis, Crypto
November 28, 2023

What the Binance affair means for the crypto industry

Crypto firms must ramp up compliance and address skills gap after Binance
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Analysis, Regulation & Supervision
November 27, 2023

Up to 10% of EU bank loans exposed to risky commercial real estate

ECB warns of ‘systemically-relevant losses’ a real-estate collapse could cause
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