City of London
Culture & Conduct, Editor's letter
October 20, 2023

Editor's letter: Your weekly digest

Risk hiring, tackling bullying complaints and more. Our round-up of the week’s news
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CBDCs, Editor's letter
October 18, 2023

Editor's letter: IMF thrashes out CBDC hiatus

Digital money issued by central banks is at a crossroads
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Analysis, CBDCs
October 17, 2023

Policymakers get the heebie-jeebies on CBDCs

Central bank digital currencies have lost their lustre. What now?
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Crypto, Opinion
October 17, 2023

The UK can’t afford to be left behind on crypto 

We need clarity on crypto, says Su Carpenter of CryptoUK
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Editor's letter, News
October 13, 2023

Editor's letter: Your weekly digest

Fincrime, Italian windfall taxes and more. Our round-up of the week's news
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Crypto, Editor's letter
October 10, 2023

Editor's letter: The risk of uncertainty plagues the C-suite

Risk is the word for the C-suite.
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Analysis, Crypto
October 9, 2023

Banks divided over crypto business opportunities

2023 has marked the year regulators in Europe started laying down the foundations for rules to govern crypto.
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Crypto, Opinion
October 5, 2023

Regulation has come for crypto

New guidelines in the UK will put crypto under the ‘protection’ of the FCA - but the next few months...
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Digital euro
Crypto, Digital & Resilience, Editor's letter
September 15, 2023

Editor's letter: Your weekly news round-up

Pig butchering and smurfing, what do these bring to mind?  If you see an abattoir and a grinning blue humanoid,...
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Crypto, Digital & Resilience, Regulation & Supervision
September 11, 2023

US crypto crowd backs ambitious new bill

A highly-anticipated new bill to regulate digital assets would bring the US up to speed on crypto with other leading...
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Businessman looks at a graph of the real estate market where the arrowhead is falling. recession Home prices fall in real estate and property market crash. isometric illustration vector.
Crypto, Editor's letter, Governance & Reporting, Shadow Banking
September 1, 2023

Editor's letter: The best of this week’s news

Welcome to Banking Risk & Regulation’s weekly round-up newsletter. It’s the first day of September. For most of us (north of...
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