Operational Resilience, Opinion
November 15, 2023

How to evacuate your staff from conflict zones

I’ve helped firms pull out their staff from challenging environments. This is what you need to do
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Analysis, Operational Resilience
November 8, 2023

Banks form ‘contingency units’ ahead of possible China-Taiwan conflict

Financial, cyber and supply chain risks lie in wait for international banks in the event of a Chinese invasion
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Analysis, Regulation & Supervision
November 7, 2023

‘If you’re a foreign firm, Xi will decide if you’re helping his vision or not’

China’s Communist party usurps vital functions of PBoC with revamped regime
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Analysis, Capital
October 11, 2023

China’s regional banks’ close ties with property sector seen as a 'time bomb'

Links between China’s shadow banking and real estate sectors are stoking fears
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Editor's letter, Risk Management
October 4, 2023

Editor's letter: China blocks bankers from leaving

Gone are the days when international bankers could feel insulated from wrongful detentions in China. 
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Culture & Conduct, Opinion
October 3, 2023

Foreign bankers in China face emerging ‘human capital risk’ 

Top management can fall into China’s ever-expanding security and corruption dragnets.
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Financial Stability, News, Operational Resilience, Shadow Banking
August 31, 2023

PBoC probes China's shadow banking sector as economy wobbles

The People’s Bank of China is investigating the links between the shadow banking and real estate sectors to minimise spillover...
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Culture & Conduct, Digital & Resilience, Editor's letter, Governance & Reporting, Regulation & Supervision
August 15, 2023

Editor's letter: China hits banks with data rules

Welcome back to the Banking Risk & Regulation newsletter. Banks have just nine more days to respond to a People's Bank of...
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Digital Transformation, Financial Stability, Governance & Reporting
August 14, 2023

Banks feel the heat of China’s ‘dizzying’ data compliance requirements

China is tightening the screws on banks’ data security measures to impose new compliance obligations on the processing and storing...
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