Basel III

Basel Endgame
Analysis, Capital
January 31, 2024

Will G-sibs quit fighting the Fed on Basel Endgame?

Awash with profits, US banks target rules which hit their trading business
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Opinion, Regulation & Supervision
November 16, 2023

The case for US-style banking supervision in the EU

Tougher supervision could keep EU banks resilient in a new economic era, writes Björn Ebert of PwC
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Analysis, Capital
October 19, 2023

US banks in a dilemma over Basel ‘endgame’

Banks have already pulled back on lending - what other options are available to them?
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Capital, Financial Stability, News
August 10, 2023

Capital hikes threaten to upend banks’ business lines

Proposed changes to US capital requirements will threaten the “business viability” of certain banking units, experts say.  The warning follows...
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Opinion, Prudential
July 31, 2023

How to adapt to new rules on model risk

Risk and governance experts at banks will be pivotal in the transition to new rules on model risk, set by...
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Pablo Hernandez De Cos
Financial Stability, Shadow Banking
March 31, 2023

Hernández de Cos warns on shadow banking risks

Chair of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision Pablo Hernández de Cos has spoken of the importance of supervisors and...
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Wim Mijs, European Banking Federation
March 10, 2023

To fuel sustainable growth in Europe, we must rethink the banking regulatory framework

A review of the current capital requirements and supervisory processes for EU banks could provide capacity for around €4tn in...
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Caroline Liesegang
Capital, Prudential
March 3, 2023

EU looks set for significant Basel III deviations

Finance and regulation experts are startled at how much the EU is deviating from Basel guidelines in its latest banking...
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Capital, Prudential
March 2, 2023

Basel III capital ratios for largest global banks fall to pre-pandemic levels

Ratios fell from their H2 2021 record highs to pre-pandemic levels in the latest Basel Committee on Banking Supervision Basel...
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Japanese banks
Capital, Prudential
February 2, 2023

Basel III implementation delays create challenges and opportunities for APAC banks

For smaller Asia-Pacific economies Basel III implementation is proving less complex than for international peers, while its bigger players must...
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