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Wholesale CBDC
CBDCs, Interviews
May 16, 2024

Wholesale CBDC cross-border trading test ‘deemed a success’

BIS experiment was a technical achievement but liquidity demands may be prohibitive
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Analysis, Digital Transformation
December 14, 2023

Risk round-up: banks urged to maintain focus on quantum computing security threats

Banks must edge closer towards a ‘quantum-resistant era’ in 2024
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Financial Stability, Opinion
November 22, 2023

Why I’m not concerned about central banks’ billions of ‘losses’

Central banks’ losses are not a cause for concern, says Maria Demertzis
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Analysis, Operational Resilience
June 29, 2023

Quantum computing: the risks to prepare for

A new blueprint gives banks a headstart on how to tackle security in the quantum computing era, as experts warn...
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