Artificial intelligence

AI governance
Governance & Reporting, Opinion
May 21, 2024

AI governance frameworks need to be in place before an AI rollout 

Managing AI risk takes precedence over temptation to onboard the new technology
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chief AI officer
AI, Analysis
May 7, 2024

CFTC appoints chief AI officer amid growing global scrutiny

The US is leading the way on supervising how regulators use AI
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AI, Research
April 18, 2024

One in five banks now prioritise integrating AI into compliance

Some banks are developing ways to ease the burden on compliance teams
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Analysis, Digital Transformation, Operational Resilience
April 9, 2024

The five threats to banks’ cybersecurity

FS-ISAC's annual report highlights five impending cybersecurity worries
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Analysis, Regulation & Supervision
February 29, 2024

UK pitches for looser framework than EU on AI regs

EU aims for gold regulatory standard, while UK takes pragmatic approach
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AI, Analysis
February 12, 2024

Is AI worth it for banks?

Operating margin predicted to increase 0.1% over next five years
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AI, Analysis
February 5, 2024

How GenAI is rewiring banks from the inside 

Fast-moving AI is forcing banks to reconfigure internal roles and risk skillsets 
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AI cyber attacks
News, Risk Management
January 30, 2024

Banks ‘woefully underprepared’ for AI cyber attacks

Deploy defensive AI against offensive AI attacks, experts tell UK Finance
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risk management AI
Digital Transformation, Opinion
January 22, 2024

Risk managers need to embrace game-changing potential of AI models

Banks need to get off the sidelines and navigate the possibilities
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Opinion, Regulation & Supervision
January 4, 2024

Why sky-high fines have ‘zero impact on a bank’s bottom line’

Overworked compliance teams pay the real penalty, writes David Silverman
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AI, Opinion
December 7, 2023

Will turbo-charged AI fraud render traditional KYC practices obsolete?

Banks must integrate more diverse data points to combat AI-fuelled crime
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