banking surveillance
Regulation & Supervision, Research
March 21, 2024

Third of banks ‘urgently increasing spending on surveillance’

Banking surveillance industry is at a crossroads, 1LoD report says
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Model risk
AI, Opinion
March 11, 2024

Four ways banks are harnessing AI to manage model risk 

No bank can afford to ignore AI, writes Treliant’s Ben Peterson
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Climate, Opinion
March 4, 2024

Hey GenAI: how do you solve a problem like greenwashing?

GenAI : a one-stop shop solution to greenwashing, or another gimmick?
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Analysis, Regulation & Supervision
February 29, 2024

UK pitches for looser framework than EU on AI regs

EU aims for gold regulatory standard, while UK takes pragmatic approach
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AI skillsets
AI, Opinion
February 20, 2024

Don’t forget the human skills required to make AI a success

Ethics as important as data science when it comes to AI skillsets
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AI, Analysis
February 12, 2024

Is AI worth it for banks?

Operating margin predicted to increase 0.1% over next five years
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risk management AI
Digital Transformation, Opinion
January 22, 2024

Risk managers need to embrace game-changing potential of AI models

Banks need to get off the sidelines and navigate the possibilities
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model risk management
Opinion, Risk Management
December 18, 2023

What model risk managers can learn from a 17th Century Swedish shipwreck

Sinking of the Vasa offers five lessons on consequences of neglecting principles
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Analysis, Risk Management
November 20, 2023

Risk managers cannot survive on their wits alone anymore

Four emerging areas where applying well-honed risk awareness is no longer sufficient
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Digital Transformation, Opinion
November 1, 2023

What should we think about generative AI?

Risks abound, writes Howard Covington, as Britain hosts a global AI summit
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Analysis, Digital Transformation
October 31, 2023

How banks use GenAI to speed up risk and compliance work

Time-consuming tasks like fixing bugs, trawling chats and netting can be sped up
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