1LOD controls
Opinion, Risk Management
May 22, 2024

Why we need tougher 1LOD controls

Giving the chief control officer more power can mitigate banking failures 
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Analysis, Governance
May 8, 2024

Power struggle at banks intensifies between 1LOD and 2LOD

The three lines of defence model faces scrutiny. What alternatives exist?
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trader profiling
Analysis, Culture & Conduct
April 16, 2024

Banks signal controversial shift towards trader profiling

Insiders say banks will use new profiling techniques to monitor individuals
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Chief control officer
Opinion, Risk Management
April 4, 2024

Why all banks now need a chief control officer

Regulators expect 1LOD to own risk it creates. Enter the CCO
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Opinion, Risk Management
March 27, 2024

The real blind spots in market abuse surveillance

Surveillance has become a box-ticking exercise, writes Simon Brady of 1LOD
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