internal audit
Analysis, Risk Management

EU banks’ internal audit functions fall short, says ECB

European banks' internal audit function has escaped censure, until now


Chinese banks
Analysis, Financial Stability
May 29, 2024

Chinese banks in ‘tug of war’ with regulators over property sector stabilisation efforts

Regulators prop up property sector while ensuring banks can withstand the risks
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AI stress tests
AI, Analysis
May 28, 2024

BoE mulls new stress-tests models to tackle AI ‘monsters in the deep’ 

AI-driven learning algorithms could raise market system-wide concerns, warns BoE report
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Proliferation finance
Analysis, Regulation & Supervision
May 28, 2024

Proliferation finance moves up the agenda in a divided world

Proliferation of weapons of mass destruction comes under increasing supervisory scrutiny
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Opinion, Regulation & Supervision
May 23, 2024

UK efforts to tackle fincrime strangled by cacophony of voices 

AML burden rises but 40% of world’s dirty money goes through UK
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Financial Conduct Authority
Opinion, Regulation & Supervision
May 23, 2024

UK's Financial Conduct Authority assailed from all sides

As election is announced what is behind the government attacks on FCA?
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Interest rate and liquidity risk management
Analysis, Governance
May 22, 2024

Poor governance seen as root behind interest rate and liquidity risk 

Balance sheet managers are ‘out of sight, out of mind’ for the board
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1LOD controls
Opinion, Risk Management
May 22, 2024

Why we need tougher 1LOD controls

Giving the chief control officer more power can mitigate banking failures 
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Basel III Endgame

European Risk Management Council chairman Evgueni Ivantsov talks to BRR editor, Farah Khalique, about capital hikes for US banks, why more capital won’t stop the next financial crisis and how banks can boost their crisis management frameworks.

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