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Buy now pay later
Analysis, Regulation & Supervision
January 2, 2024

US traditional lenders issued warning over ‘buy now, pay later’ market

Regulators cite compliance concerns for banks over delinquencies and data harvesting
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Analysis, Regulation & Supervision
November 22, 2023

SAFER Banking Act offers US banks “safe harbour” to fund growing cannabis industry

The new bill could alleviate banks’ risk and compliance concerns
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VELSEN, NETHERLANDS - OCTOBER 5: Tata Steel steel mill close to the North Sea coast and port of IJmuiden on October 5 ,2023 in Velsen. Tata steel is one of the major polluters in the Netherlands in terms of CO2, nitrogen and heavy metals such as lead and mercury and residents around Tata Steel, formerly Hoogovens, have been concerned for some time about carcinogenic substances falling into the area. (Photo by Sjoerd van der Wal/Getty Images)
Analysis, Climate
November 16, 2023

EU banks penalise borrowers for climate risk

Study shows lower-emission firms get better ‘rub of the green’ from lenders
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Capital, News
October 10, 2023

Italian banks get free pass to evade windfall tax 

Lenders will have ample opportunity to pay substantially less than initially proposed
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Financial Stability, Markets
September 19, 2023

ECB cautions on Italy’s windfall tax

Italy’s banking windfall tax could impair the resilience of the eurozone’s banks and distort markets, the European Central Bank has...
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Financial Stability, Markets, News
September 5, 2023

European banks given warning of further ‘shocks’

A double warning from the European Central Bank and the Financial Stability Board has given European banks notice that they...
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Digital Transformation, News, Operational Resilience
August 15, 2023

Operational risk ‘incidents’ surge 26% because of AI and low-risk fraud 

Generative AI has contributed to the highest number of operational risk “incidents” since 2017, according to ORX. Data from the...
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